Lamont County Monthly Weather Averages

Month High/Low (Celsius) Days with Precipitation
January -5/-15 4 days
February -4/-15 3 days
March 2/-8 3 days
April 11/-1 4 days
May 17/5 6 days
June 20/9 9 days
July 22/11 9 days
August 22/10 8 days
September 16/5 6 days
October 10/-1 4 days
November -1/-10 4 days
December -6/-15 4 days
Source: NOAA

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Preparing for Mother Nature

Living in a rural setting allows residents to experience the wonders of Mother Nature the way urban dwellers cannot. Lamont County living can be idyllic and all that you’ve dreamed of, but there are some unique challenges than rural residents face on a daily basis. Preparing for the good and the bad that Mother Nature offers is an important part of rural living.

Some things to be aware of include:

  • Wildlife is wonderful but they can also cause accidents, property damage, and livestock deaths. Be aware of wildlife in your area.
  • Water from the spring melt and summer storms can sometimes pool or cause flooding before finding natural drainage courses. Keep natural and artificial drainage systems clear and….be patient.
  • Severe snowstorms or heavy snowfall can cause roads to become impassable for days. County crews will be out in full force, but that does not mean your front door to the nearest highway will be snow-free in a matter of hours. During the winter months, make sure you are well stocked with supplies such as food, water, wood, and/or propane and inform your friends/family/employer that you live in a rural area.
  • Insects, like most wildlife, thrive in the County’s natural setting. Insect populations for the most part are beyond control. Being diligent with trash removal, waste removal, and taking proper care of your lands help to reduce insects around your property.
  • Wildfires are a major concern in rural areas, especially during dry years. The vast expanses of hay fields, crops, and brush can easily ignite and spread quickly. Rural residents need to keep their lands clear of dead brush and be very careful with any outdoor fires. Before starting any fire, contact Lamont County office for information on fire permits or fire bans.