Seniors’ Programs

Lamont County Seniors Action Group

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In 2008 FCSS began the Seniors Collaboration Project; a program to encourage seniors to take an active role in their community by working together to build networks, respond to new opportunities and celebrate successes. This program empowers seniors to take a leadership role, identify community needs, program objectives and provincial priorities while working together to reduce barriers for isolated seniors and address the physical, mental health and wellness of seniors.

A Committee was formed of local volunteers from communities throughout the County to review the information received and to act on it by accessing or advocating for programs and services for their community. The project was a huge success and the Committee now consists of 5 stable members who continue to work with FCSS to organize and advertise events, programs and resources for County Seniors.

In 2012 the Committee chose to change their name as part of a promotional campaign to attract new members and raise awareness. The group formerly known as the Lamont County Seniors Collaboration Committee to the Lamont County Seniors Action group. Throughout 2012 the group met bi-monthly to organize and facilitate information sessions and events in communities across the County. This project was co-sponsored by the Federal New Horizons for Seniors Program and is an ongoing partnership between FCSS Lamont County region and Alberta Health Services who provide ongoing support to facilitate and coordinate the group.

Alberta Seniors Benefits Program

General Inquiries call 780-895-7751

In partnership with the Government of Alberta we continue to administer this program offering assistance to local seniors to access government benefit programs. Benefits include Old Age Security, Federal Pension, home repair, appliance replacement, medical related expenses reimbursement, dental and optical assistance.