Health Care

The following services are provided in Lamont County:


Lamont Health Care Centre Overview:
  • The Archer Wing (Acute Care): 14 Beds
  • Community Care: 2 Respite, 2 Palliative
  • Continuing Care (Long Term): 101 Beds
  • Morley Young Manor (Assisted Living): 28 Units
Lamont Health Care Centre Contact Info:
Tel: (780) 895-2211, Fax: (780) 895-7305

Mary Immaculate Health Care Centre Overview, Mundare:
  • Long Term Care: 28 Beds
  • Palliative: 2 Bed
  • Respite: 2 Beds
Mary Immaculate Health Care Centre Contact Info:
Tel: (780) 764-3730, Fax: (780) 764-3039

Senior Citizens’ Facilities

  • Andrew Seniors’ Lodge, Andrew: 24 Lodge Units
  • Garden Court Manor, Andrew: 4 Self-Contained Units
  • Heritage Manor, Andrew: 8 Self-Contained Units
Contact the Management:
Tel: (780) 365-3737, Fax: (780) 365-2273
Lamont, Chipman, Bruderheim
  • Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge, Lamont: 36 Lodge Units
  • Heritage Court, Lamont: 12 Self Contained Units
  • Villa 75, Lamont 8 Self Contained Units
  • Elk Park Apartments, Chipman: 4 Self Contained Units
  • Spring Creek Manor, Bruderheim: 16 Self Contained Units
Contact the Management:
Tel: (780) 365-3737, Fax: (780) 365-2273
  • Father Filas Manor, Mundare: 38 Lodge Units
  • Dr. Strilchuk Villa, Mundare: 6 Self Contained Units
  • Father Kryzanowsky Villa, Mundare: 8 Self Contained Units
Contact the Management:
Tel: (780) 365-3737, Fax: (780) 365-2273

Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network

The Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network (PCN), has served Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons, Lamont, Redwater, and the surrounding area since July 1, 2009.

A group of 30 physicians in 16 clinics work with a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals to provide care for patients and to coordinate primary health care services. The team includes registered nurses, a dietitian, an exercise specialist, a pharmacist, registered psychologists, an occupation therapist, specialist referral coordinators, and administrative staff.

Your physician and the health care team work together to coordinate your care, improve access to the health system and support positive changes toward a healthier lifestyle. In addition to addressing your health concerns, we will provide you with health counselling, education and when required, referral to alternate services.

The Fort Saskatchewan office serves as home base for the PCN team where we offer educational classes, individual assessment and counselling. A community Hub opened in Lamont in September, 2013. Outreach services and classes are offered throughout our service area.

For more information, visit the PCN website:

Need Further Assistance?

For further information about AHS, please call the Alberta Health Services Office of the Official Administrator
Tel: (Toll free)1-866-943-1120

If you need to talk to a nurse, call Health Link at 1-866-408-5465.

In an emergency, dial 9-1-1

Alberta Health Services Official Website: