Enforcement Services

In 2013 Lamont County initiated the Peace Officer Program, and established several policies toward its operation. Peace Officer Steve Crosby joined the County in July with the Program becoming fully functional in December 2013.

The Peace Officer is responsible for the enforcement and investigation of County Bylaws and Provincial Statutes for Lamont County. His overall duty is to protect infrastructure and to preserve and maintain the public peace through education and enforcement when necessary.

The Peace Officer operates under the following policies:
The following is a breakdown of the Peace Officers duties:

Operational Practices of the Peace Officer

Ensuring public compliance with various County Bylaws through Education and Enforcement when necessary.
Developing and implementing education on public awareness programs and maintaining positive public relations.
Conducting highly visible mobile patrols of the County for the purpose of preventing and detecting violations of County Bylaws and selected Provincial Statutes.

Enforcement Activities and Responsibilities

As a Peace Officer appointed under the Peace Officer Act, the Peace Officer can enforce the following Provincial Statutes and Regulations, including:
  • the Animal Protection Act
  • the Dangerous Dogs Act
  • the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • the Highway Development and Protection Act
  • the Trespass to Premises Act
  • the Provincial Offences Procedure Act
  • the Traffic Safety Act
  • the Gaming and Liquor Act
The Peace Officer appointment under the Municipal Government Act, allows the Peace Officer to enforce County Bylaws, including;

the Waste Disposal Bylaw
the Land Use Bylaw
the Dog Control Bylaw

Enforcement Related Activities

  • Receiving complaints and inquires.
  • Investigation of complaints.
  • Advising responsible parties of infractions, and taking remedial actions and/or following enforcement procedures.
  • Advising responsible parties of infractions and laying of charges if founded.
  • Educating and/or prosecuting violators.
  • Conducting patrols within Lamont County.
  • Receive and document evidence relating to investigation
  • Preparing prosecutor information sheets and court briefs concerning a charge or ticket.


Lamont County’s Peace Officer handles bylaw complaints. Any complaints are to be submitted in writing and directed to the County Office.


If you have a complaint about a bylaw infraction download the Complaint Form and deliver/mail it to the Lamont County Administration building at 5303 50 Ave Lamont, AB T0B 2R0